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Remember when you were a kid and school was out for summer? Remember the excitement when you were able to attend Summer Day Camp, go to cool, different places each day and make new friends? Adventure Pet is our version of year around day camp… for dogs! More and more research is showing that dogs have a core innate need to play in a pack group setting. We have seen incredible behavioral changes in our weekly clients. Adventure Pet gets your dog out and gets them that instinctual stimulation they crave! Outdoor Pack Field Trips includes filtered H20, snacks & all transportation to and from your home. Cool action pictures of your dog adventures are taken and emailed to you each week... all of this for $20 to $25 a trip!
Initial Consultation: Free
Single Field Trip: $28
Adventure 8 Pack: $180
… that's only $22.50 a trip!
2 dog family 8 Pack: $300 … woof, what a deal!
Adventure Pet wants you to have peace of mind! Let us take the worry away while you are at work, on vacation or wherever. We are licensed, bonded, insured, Pet CPR and Pet First Aid Certified.
We offer morning, afternoon and evening "quality time" sessions for your dog while you are at work or away. Each session includes feeding, watering, rubbing, scratching and playing with your dog or cat. If medications need to be administered, we can do that as well. We can work with most disabilities your dog may have and give them one on one attention and quality time during these minimum 30 minute visits.

Great for new puppies!
30 minute visit: $24
We also offer in home overnight all inclusive pet sitting.
Please call for pricing & availability.
Adventure Pet wears my dog out! I am a nurse that works four 10 hour shifts. It used to kill me to think about my poor dog sitting at home so bored for hours on end! That's in the past now… I get pictures via e-mail showing my dog having a blast, playing and frolicking with his friends!
Wendy C.

Follow the pack leader…

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